Find character encoding

Get to know what character encoding are used in your text files.

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Find the character encoding of a text file


Click Browse, navigate to your text file and click Open.

Your file is NOT uploaded or copied to any server. Your privacy and your data is secure.

How it works

The process

The process is simple: You pick a file. After reading the file the application asks you to help clarifying any special characters. Finally the application tells you what the possible encodings are.

Why this is useful

When exporting data from a system they are stored in a particular encoding. But when importing the data in another system it might think the data is in a different encoding resulting in complete chaos.

This is why FindEncoding can help you solve the "encoding puzzle" and get the job done. Use it now.

If you feel helped by using the little application, please tell your friends and familiy about FindEncoding!


Is this free to use anytime, anywhere?

Are you copying or storing my files?
No! We do not need to upload the file to our server, the file is kept in the browser's memory only at all times. When you select a file in this application the file is not uploaded or copied - it stays on your computer.

Which files can be tested?
This is meant for plain text files such as .txt and .csv.

Why do I need to do some of the work?
Computers are really not that smart. When encounting some special characters in your file, you need to tell the application what these characters should be.

Which browser should I use for this application?
Glad you ask! This application works best in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It does work in Internet Explorer but it may suggest extra encodings.

How many encodings exist?
A lot! If you are looking for a list, have a look at Wikipedia instead.